Our core expertise is custom fiber optic patch cords and pigtails for communications, data center and industrial ethernet applications.

Highly-skilled production teams at INTELDAT design and assemble the best-quality, most reliable custom fiber optic cables. We also continuously upgrade and innovate, setting the pace for the markets we serve and the products they need, which include:

LAN/WAN/Access Networks

  • Patch cords and pigtails DSPT-EN DSPC-EN DSPU-EN DSPM-EN
  • Patch panels 19" DSH1-EN DSHD-EN
  • Optical adapters DSOA-EN
  • Pre-terminated universal cables DST2-EN DSTM-EN
  • CPR optical cables for indoor installations DSCC-EN
  • SFP transceivers DSSO-EN


  • Patch cords using LC, SC, FC, ST and E2000 connectors DSPC-EN
  • Optical transponders DSST-EN
  • Media converters DSNO-EN
  • SFP transceivers DSSO-EN


  • RISER cables and microcables DSRM-EN
  • Low-friction pre-terminated cables DSTF-EN
  • Wall boxes and distribution boxes DSHW-EN
  • PLC splitters DSSP-EN


  • Outdoor pre-terminated cables w/ ODVA connectors DSMO-EN
  • Outdoor pre-terminated cables w/ full AXS connectors DSFA-EN
  • Outdoor distribution boxes DSHW-EN

Data Centers/Cloud Services

  • MPO/MTP patch cords DSPM-EN
  • LC Uniboot patch cords DSPU-EN
  • UHD patch panels DSHD-EN
  • Pre-terminated cables DST1-EN DST3-EN DSTM-EN 

Industrial Ethernet

  • Pre-terminated cables on reels DSMO-EN DSEB-EN DSMT-EN
  • Media converters  DSNO-EN DSOM-EN DSMC-EN DSMS-EN
  • Industrial patch panels and boxes DSIB-EN
  • POF and HCS cables and assemblies DSIH-EN

WDM Systems

  • Optical amplifiers EDFA DSED-EN
  • Transponders DSST-EN DSEK-EN
  • Transceivers for WDM applications DSSO-EN

INTELDAT is not an off-the-shelf shop.

Every pigtail, patch cord and pre-terminated fiber optic cable assembled from optical cable by INTELDAT is custom-made to the precise specifications of each client. If a cable length of 1.9 meters is specified, we don’t sneak in a standard 2-meter cable… We make a cable that is 1.9 meters.

Your fiber optic cable specifications & distribution requirements are always met by INTELDAT and our production partners, which include: